Reinaldo Pared Pérez al votar resalta la buena convivencia de los delegados de los partidos y funcionarios de mesa



SANTO DOMINGO. -Reinaldo Pared Pérez, Secretary General of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), when making a mid-morning evaluation of the votes, according to the reports at his disposal, foresees a successful process.

“I exercised the right to vote, I noticed a good coexistence between the party delegates and the table officials in the venue. I foresee that it will be a successful vote ”said Pared Pérez after voting at Colegio San Juan Bosco in the sector of the same name in the capital city

He considers that the success of the day on Sunday is the most appropriate way to overcome the failure of the call on February 16.

Pared Pérez said he was hopeful that as the hours progress, the voters will come to exercise their right, overcoming the apprehensions about the coronavirus.

«I invite you to come to vote, because it is the mechanism provided by the Constitution that empowers citizens to choose their authorities,» said the also President of the Senate of the Republic.

In his capacity as leader of the Dominican Liberation Party, he urged that the municipal candidates of his organization support with the vote.

Regarding the form of voting, he considered the process agile and dynamic, which he hopes will also occur in the vote count.